Denver Metro Area Janitorial Services

AMB Janitorial Services LLC is extremely dedicated to helping you save money while maintaining a clean and safe working environment, and protecting your image from being tarnished. We understand that a badly maintained property will reflect poorly on your professionalism. AMB Janitorial Services LLC is trusted by some of the most renowned business in the Denver Metro Area area. No matter how small or large the job, we can custom create a schedule that works around your hours and needs. Our staff are all extensively trained not only in janitorial requirements but also in proper etiquette while on the job. Strata property, office, retail, car dealership or showroom, we meet each of our clients' unique janitorial needs in a responsive and skilled manner so that you never have to worry about your commercial janitorial service when you deal with AMB Janitorial Services LLC.

Office Buildings and Suites

From the boardroom to washrooms and individual offices, a clean working environment is important for the productivity and morale of your office. It is also critical for the professional image of your company to present organized, well cleaned headquarters. At AMB Janitorial Services LLC, we are a dedicated janitorial service with a keen eye for details and the same reliability you require from your staff.

Construction Clean Up

When the construction stops on a work site, the cleanup begins. Construction projects create a lot of debris, dust, and excess trash that needs to be dealt with at the end of a project or work shift. Whether it's screws and scrap wood or sawdust and dry wall it needs to be removed. After the cleaning, your project site should look pristine and ready to show or ready for the next shift.

Health Care Facilities and Medical Offices

Clinical facilities like medical centers require specialized sanitation to ensure the safety of Denver Metro Area staff, patients, and visitors. An unclean environment can breed disease, cause infection and lead to serious illness for anyone who comes in contact with its surfaces.

Shopping Centers

Shopping malls and complexes see thousands of visitors every day and with those crowds come big messes, especially in the food court. Trays fall, garbage’s overflow, and floors become sticky hazards waiting for shoppers to slip and fall. With the help of our maids from Arizona shopping malls will always be extra clean, shine and bright. An unclean mall loses customers as well as business leases very quickly.

Banks and Credit Unions

Most customers will make a judgment of your establishment based on their initial impression of the cleanliness of both the interior and exterior of your business. Denver Metro Area has highly trained workforce who stop at nothing to deliver unrivaled bank janitorial services to the people who matter most in your business – your customers.