Quality Assurance

Nine Step Quality Assurance Program

1. Hiring & Screening: When we interview people, we look for applicants who are highly motivated to do janitorial work, who have the right attitude, and who have the necessary abilities we are looking for. The person we hire for the job is screened thoroughly. We check references and do background checks. We look for employees who prefer to work evenings, who have a good work history demonstrating trustworthiness and reliability, and they must have good references from previous employers that confirm the traits we are looking for in our employees.

2. Thorough Training: It’s not enough to just show a new employee how to clean. We thoroughly train our people by demonstrating our methods, by observing and correcting the new employee’s work and by following up with supervision and reinforcement training when needed. We follow a checklist of cleaning categories to ensure that nothing gets missed.

3. Supervision: We supervise our employees frequently to ensure that they understand what is required of them and to maintain quality work. After they have proven they can be reliable and trustworthy, we continue to inspect their work on a continuous basis; more often depending on the difficulty of the building and the performance of the employee.

4. Frequent Evaluations: Feedback through regular evaluations is an important tool we use to let our staff know if their work performance and cleaning quality is meeting our standards. It helps them understand where they need to improve, and clearly reinforces our expectations.

5. Good Communication: Showing respect, being supportive and clearly communicating expectations is very important to a positive working relationship and for getting good performance from team members. Most people do better work when they are treated with respect and are recognized for their hard work and for the contribution they make. We continually make efforts to keep communication lines open to our employees for their input, or should they need to express their concerns or grievances. Employees should feel safe to air concerns without retaliation from management.

6. Performance Incentives: We try to offer significant incentives to our employees to reduce turnover and make their work more rewarding. We pay a competitive wage and often little things like lunch or snacks are provided. We offer opportunities for advancement to employees who are motivated and able to take on more responsibility and move up to a supervisory position.

7. Extra Detail Cleaning by Management: No matter how reliable and good our employees are at their work, there will occasionally be details that are missed. People have their good days and bad days, and sometimes tasks get overlooked, and the quality of work can slide. This will happen in even the very best of companies, no matter how comprehensive their quality control program is. Typically, extra detail work is done by one of the key management staff. We are very hands-on.

8. Proper Equipment & Cleaning Supplies: Cleaning personnel cannot clean efficiently and well without the proper equipment, tools and cleaning products to help them do good work. We want our employees to take pride in their work. When they know that they have the best tools and products at their disposal, it encourages them to do better work. Cleaning tools should be in good condition, according to maidthis myrtle beach cleaning service from South Carolina and most importantly we service our equipment regularly to ensure that they are in good condition. A damaged or improperly cared for vacuum will not adequately remove dirt from carpets and mats.

9. OSHA compliance and ergonomics awareness: We make sure that our cleaning products are properly labeled and that MSDS forms are at each site along with very specific building specifications. We educate our employees to understand what cleaning chemicals they use, and how to work safely and avoid illness and injury on the job. We have had no major on the job injuries over the 25 plus years our company has been in business. We want our employees to be safe and to be able to do janitorial work without risk to their health and wellbeing.

Our Vision

"As a family owned and run company in the Denver Metro Area for over 20 years, AMB exists to help our partners present and maintain a clean establishment through a consistent and thorough cleaning program. That brings a refreshed level of pride and integrity to the janitorial industry in the state of Colorado."